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How to Watch DC Crisis on Infinite Earths? Stream it Now for Free on The CW.

Fans of The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, The Legends of Tomorrow, and Now Batgirl, have all eagerly been awaiting the Crossover Event, "Crisis on Infinite Earths". Now that it's here, the only issue left is where to watch this incredible event? Well worry not, because in this article we will be discussing both where and how to stream the crossover episodes, as well as the series themselves.

Which Episodes Are Included in Crisis on Infinite Earths?

For those of you following the crossover events, you are likely used to this by now. Regardless of that, The CWs Crisis on Infinite Earths is the largest crossover event yet, and is said to be a complete reboot of the arrowverse, along with many other significant changes to the DC Universe. The crossover begins on season 5 of the series, starting out on Earth 38 with Supergirl, and ending with The Legends of Tomorrow.

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One Problem, This Content is only Available in the US.

That's okay, theres still some ways around this restriction, and heres our advice :)

Many current VPN Providers host servers in the United States. These can be used to watch a wide range of content, including ALL of the content on the CW Network. In all reality, most any VPN can be used to access this content, however we here reccomend choosing a popular one like ExpressVPN or HotspotShield.

We hope you enjoy the event!